Functions of an HR department


As I sit writing this today, I am drawn back to my Mission and Vision statement. Being a contractor, I have the advantage of seeing many of these in the organizations that I work with.  One of the vision statements that you rarely see is Transparency.  True transparency can come in many forms, but in HR, that comes with sharing with the organization the true value that an effective HR department can provide.

Human Resource Management comprises several processes:

1.Workforce planning  2.Recruitment

3.Induction and Orientation 4.Skills Management

5.Training and Development 6.Personnel Administration

7.Compensation in Wage or Salary 8.Time Management

9.Travel Management 10.Payroll

11.Employee Benefits Administration 12.Personnel Cost Planning

13.Performance Appraisal

Without most or all of these processes, we as HR practitioners are not providing the ROI on the services we provide.

Stakeholders want to see the value that an HR department can provide and want us to be a strategic business partner.

Are you a business partner?  Are you adding value to the organization?